Joseph Adams

I am Joseph Adams. I’ve been selling Books on amazon since 2017, using traditional search and flip software. I have tried them all, and to be honest they work! However,I was still finding myself spending too much searching, analyzing, until I mastered it. And when I finally mastered it, I was still spending hours searching for profitable books. I felt like I could use those hours to scale my book selling business.

The more I sold, the more time I needed to find more inventory. Which almost made it impossible to scale my business. So I decided to bring a solution to that, and created an automated system that finds the most profitable books and instantly delivers to your email, saving you tons of time and stress, so you can focus on scaling your business indefinitely.

Bryan Higgins

Hello, I’m Bryan Higgins and I tend to find solutions to potential problems that may arise in life or in business. That said, I naturally like to save time and use it elsewhere and I feel strategies used in this business could be greatly optimized. Joseph and I became friends during our 9-5 and would always bounce ideas around, whether it’s different ways to make money online or within the FBA space.

That’s when Simpliflips was born. We decided to take the heavy lifting out of the process of finding books to flip, but also wanted to deliver the highest quality results for our customers in an easy to use interface. This was designed for the user to be given whats required to be scalable and successful in this business.